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Nudging to the Choir

“Behavioral economics is a broad discipline that includes both neo-behaviorism as well as cognitive decision theories that describe the economic behavior of what are essentially, irrational humans.”

Aligning an Association with Member Needs

“An association that aligns the needs of its members with its services provides value and maximizes its mission and market potential. This article presents a data-driven approach to support the alignment of an association’s portfolio of offerings with member needs.

CSCWES - Conducting Safety Conscious Work Environment Survey - The Case of Engaging an External Survey Organization

“Conducting a Safety Conscious Work Environment (SCWE) Survey is a critical step in assessing an organization’s culture and an important tool to effectively inform strategies toward a culture of safety.

Optimum Prospecting

“Optimum customer acquisition is a necessary element in any successful business. The success in this vital organizational function is the development of a robust, manageable, and scalable customer acquisition strategy designed to generate the targeted new customer inflow needed by the organization at low levels of risk and an acceptable cost per new customer.

Segmentation Targeting Positioning White paper

“The strategic marketing planning process flows from a mission and vision statement to the selection of target markets, and the formulation of specific marketing mix and positioning objective for each product or service the organization will offer.

Seven Keys to Customer Retention

“It takes far more effort to acquire a new customer than to retain one, says the old business adage. And the benefits can be far greater when you know how to target efforts in order to cost-effectively maximize impact retention.

Targeting Success

“Truly successful targeting of offers and services addresses the needs of the prospective customer and delivers an offer that speaks from the organization’s strength.

Twelve Tips for Successful Surveys

“What can an organization leader do to maximize the value of customer surveys and assessments? Every customer inquiry brings with it inherent opportunities to improve, enhance value or better align the organization with the needs and wants of its stakeholders.