Malinda Rhone, Ph.D.

Senior Research Analyst


Malinda Rhone Midkiff is a Cultural Anthropologist and Senior Research Analyst at EurekaFacts. She is responsible for managing the research process for projects within the Public Affairs department.

Since joining the EurekaFacts team in 2013, Dr. Midkiff has worked on a range of research projects. Most recently, Dr. Midkiff has been working on a multi-year project on tobacco regulation. Additionally, she has worked on community engagement survey projects such as the Montgomery County, MD Public Opinion Assessment project which was an assessment of the public opinion of Montgomery County among various stakeholders (County Residents and Non-Residents, Businesses and organizations located in Montgomery County, site selectors and commercial real estate brokers, meeting planners and visitors to the county).

As a cultural anthropologist, her expertise is in qualitative research. She is also skilled in questionnaire and protocol development and report writing.

Malinda holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Anthropology, a Master of Arts in Public Anthropology from American University, and a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Virginia.