Our project teams are ready to supports efforts large and small. Any project undertaken by the organization is configured with a strong cross-disciplinary team, overseen directly by the CEO with the assistance and insight of proven project directors. Each team is staffed with subject matter experts in the field of study, a methodology expert, an analytics team lead, a data collection/field management expert, and a systems/information infrastructure support lead.



Jorge Restrepo is the CEO and founder of EurekaFacts. Leading a team of research experts, he focuses on delivering data-driven decisions to discover and maximize opportunities. EurekaFacts is constantly innovating by leading practices in market research, customer insights, social marketing, and …

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Michelle Lampher

Executive Vice President and Chief Growth Officer

Michelle Lampher serves as executive vice president and chief growth officer at Eureka Facts. She provides executive oversight across the company to drive organizational growth and development efforts, to nurture and build relationships with our government and private-sector clients, and to ensure the highest levels of quality control and…

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Director Research Programs

Cecilia Teal is Director of Research Programs at EurekaFacts. Cecilia is an expert in qualitative research with content expertise in education, social work, especially in the areas of child welfare, juvenile justice, substance abuse, and mental health. Cecilia has extensive experience conducting qualitative research, moderating focus groups, cognitive interviews, in-depth, forensic and assessment interviews with children, youth, and families. Her research specialization …

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Director of Research and Evaluation, Public Affairs

Dexter Taylor, PhD, is the Director of Research and Evaluation, Public Affairs at EurekaFacts. He is a social psychologist with a broad range of research experience and interests, including education, credentialing, public health, workforce development, market research, health equity, and applied social psychology. Dr. Taylor has over…

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Senior Statistician

Djass Mbangdadji is a Senior Statistician at EurekaFacts. His areas of expertise include multi-mode data collection, survey research analysis, sampling frame design, sample size calculation, statistical and predictive modeling, data mining, time series analysis, geographic information system, and…

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Senior Consultant, Customer Insights

Bohdana Sherehiy is a Senior Consultant of Customer Insights and Human Factors Research at EurekaFacts. She provides expertise in the areas of customer experience, cognitive and affective research, and human factors. Dr. Sherehiy has designed and managed numerous research…

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Digital Transformation Business Consultant

Carlos M. González has led various management initiatives in business process improvement, strategic planning and information technology solutions in the Americas, Europe and Russia.  He has over 24 years experience in planning and implementing mission critical enterprise and business transformation solutions, with budgets in excess of $7.5 million and direct reporting staff of over 65 consultants and contractors. He is versed…

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Our staff consists of project managers, social scientists, facilitators/moderators, marketing research specialists, communications specialists, designers, usability design/ergonomic researchers, statisticians, logisticians, GIS, and IT/business process consultants, many with advanced degrees. To supplement our core skills, we often collaborate with other firms or add subject matter experts and complementary capabilities to meet the most demanding requirements.