Market Trends and Dynamics

9 markettrendsUnderstanding the big picture for strategic planning is paramount. This includes understanding markets, players, and the forces shaping competitive action. At EurekaFacts, we bring our research capabilities, understanding of large databases, econometrics, and strategic market planning to support efforts with clear sets of facts and systematic analysis. While every situation may call for different approaches, EurekaFacts has the depth of understanding and experience in crafting the right solutions and executing them so that clients can gain a clear view of their markets, as well as the dynamics and trends that set their direction. Some of our types of analysis include:

  • Strategic market planning support
    • Five forces analysis
    • Environmental scan with an emphasis on ten point analysis and micro-environment (market, customer, competition, substitute, market sizing, market penetration, market share, share of mind and share of heart measurement and monitoring)
  • Competitive strategy modeling
  • Industry profiling, total market segmentation and characterization
  • Analysis and intelligence of advertising in target product categories
  • Advertising intelligence and media monitoring
  • Social media analytics
  • Geo-demographic analysis of retail establishments, and competitive space monitoring

With EurekaFacts market analysis monitoring of trends, our clients yield significant competitive advantages.


Data Driven Strategy

4 datadrivenAn organizational vision can be powerfully executed by mining the wealth of data that exists, both internally and externally, to the organization. In this big data world, real-time data on just about everything abounds. In fact, there is too much of it. This is why identifying the key elements to employ, as well as equipping the organization with the necessary set of predictive analytical models and feedback loops can quickly become a source of competitive advantage, efficiency, speed, and adaptability.

At EurekaFacts, we apply our expertise in following a consultative approach accompanied by rigorous analytics of every kind in order to develop and refine the right strategy.

Our teams are experts at identifying relevant data and transforming it into information. With strengths in consultative methodologies, as well as qualitative, quantitative, and data modeling efforts, we are able to quickly and effectively develop the data models that can maximize your outcomes. However, our understanding of consumer psychology, and organizational design also informs us of both the limitations of data models, and the way to harness their strengths through process and technology. This helps you arrive at the tools you need to execute your vision while keeping you in command.


10 geomarketingGreat insights can be gained from the use of geographic mapping in order to visualize information, uncover patterns, and localize strategy and tactics. We use state-of-the-art tools to visualize information through thematic maps of your customer base, direct marketing respondents, potential markets, and more. Furthermore, through statistical modelling and the integration of multiple sources of information, a growing number of firms are gaining new insights and capabilities that enable them to have smart strategies and tactics that use geo-location.

Use our custom maps for sales territory planning or realignment, location decision making, recruitment and event planning, strategic partnership analysis, media planning, and more.

EurekaFacts' market mapping services have three special distinguishing strengths:

  • Our focus on marketing applications means that we look at the mapping effort as a marketing analytics tool aimed at yielding insight to impact your business decision-making.
  • Locating your data appropriately is extremely important; our geo-coding effort is very precise, and our reporting informs you of the accuracy level ensured with your analysis.
  • Our emphasis on client involvement puts your organizational knowledge to work to maximize the benefit of the GIS analysis.
Organizational Design

16 organizationaldesignThe 21st century requires agile and high performance companies that can quickly and efficiently adjust to rapid changes of the global market.

To achieve high performance indicators, (profitability, customer service, and internal operations) as well as employee satisfaction and retention, organizational structures and processes need to be designed to be conducive to efficient performance.

EurekaFacts has developed a robust approach to organizational design methodology that systematically examines and identifies dysfunctional aspects of work flow, procedures, structures and systems; realigns them to fit current business strategies and goals and develops plans to implement new changes.

The EurekaFacts’ approach systematically examines factors and conditions affecting workflow processes, system limitations, as well as interaction and interrelation between various processes and implements relevant best practices to identify design requirements and specifications for organizational systems.

The EurekaFacts interdisciplinary team includes organizational design and behavior specialists, sociologists, psychologists, and human factors specialists in order to deliver comprehensive and holistic organizational design solutions and to integrate people with core business processes, technology, and systems.

Advertising and Media

Competing for ever-shortening customer attention is increasingly challenging in today’s market.

Branding and Loyalty Solutions

2 brandingA great brand can be engineered and must be managed for it to allow an organization a strong presence, articulate a compelling value proposition that elicits the target behaviors, commands higher prices, and offers lasting emotional connections with the customer. At EurekaFacts we will conduct the research that supports your efforts to develop, implement, manage, and optimize your brand. Our inter-disciplinary teams have rich expertise in the sciences and arts necessary to offer superior value.

EurekaFacts will recommend the right research methods, carry out rigorous, high quality research, and deliver insightful and powerful recommendations. Our efforts differentiate from others in that we bring the right team combinations together in order to examine your branding efforts and discern how to make them more successful. With experts in cognitive and behavioral psychology, econometrics, statistical analysis, research methods, and marketing sciences, we stand ready.

Typical studies include:

  • Brand development or re-branding
  • Analysis of brand attributes
  • Awareness and perceptions
  • Competitive arena
  • Perceptual mapping
  • Value proposition
  • Positioning studies
  • Analysis of brand strategy
Strategic Communications

3 strategicWhether you are developing concepts, deciding between creative executions or need to measure impacts of communication strategies, you can rely on the expertise of EurekaFacts team. With the right mix of methodologies and proven processes, EurekaFacts helps clients design studies to assure that communication strategies create visibility, build brand equity, change behaviors and opinions, harness engagement, grow relationships, and uncover strategic opportunities. Effective use of metrics and analysis help gauge that strategic communications reach the right audience with the right message using the optimal media mix.

EurekaFacts provides communication research services to commercial, non-profit, and public sector clients, knowledgeable of the specific needs of each sector. Our expertise includes conducting research with a variety of potential audiences, from business executives, association members, stakeholders, patients, and consumers. We specialize in working with audience from a diverse ethnic backgrounds and have a proven track record of engaging hard to reach audiences in communication research projects.



EurekaFacts offers:

  • Qualitative and quantitative approaches to formative research based on solid understanding of consumer behavior that yields information that directly maps unto your creative briefs or marketing plans.
  • Sophisticated approaches to audience segmentation that assure that you reach the right audience with the right message.
  • Validated qualitative and quantitative approaches to concept and message testing that provide actionable insights to refine messaging or communication strategies.
  • Campaign implementation monitoring systems that help you track the progress of your efforts and implement midcourse corrections if necessary.
  • Earned media and social media tracking to understand the impact of the campaigns beyond planned media and dissemination strategies.
  • Advanced analytic capacity to model Return on Investment (ROI) and optimize media mix to achieve optimal impacts.