Consumer Choice Modeling

solution consumer choiceUnderstanding the mechanisms that lead an economic agent to make a given choice among a finite set of alternatives is at the heart of the marketing science, which aims to influence choices.

EurekaFacts draws on sound discrete choice models theories and practices to analyze individual choice behavior and its impact on brand equity, products preference, price sensitivity, etc. We explore circumstances under which choices are made, evaluate available alternatives and substitutes, account for confounding factors, etc.

At EurekaFacts, we master the advanced statistical tools that help model a consumer’s choice in a competitive context based on the consumer’s characteristics, the characteristics of the alternatives, or both, by estimating a utility function that represents the consumer’s preference. We use this approach to help our clients identify products configuration, pricing strategies, brand management, etc.

User Experience (UX)

8 userexperienceProducts and services designed with the user in mind have far greater chances of success and superiority than all others. In order to design services or products that meet and exceed customer and user expectations, it is necessary to take into account users' and customers’ needs and requirements as well as factors that affect their interactions with services and products.

At EurekaFacts we team with service and product developers to gain insights into how users interact with a product or system in order to perform a task or achieve goals. In other words, it is important to understand the progression of actions taken by the users and what they expect, or need at each point in order to be able successfully interact with the product and to achieve goals. This exploration of the user needs and requirements allows us to determine design specifications and features of user-friendly products and services.

End-user perspective. EurekaFacts’ human-centered design expertise is based on a multi-disciplined approach to services and product design that focuses on end-user perspective. This approach considers users’ needs, preferences and limitations, as well as clients’ business objectives. In order to understand and adjust specific designs to user needs, preferences and limitations, we implement principles of cognition, usability, accessibility, ergonomics, and anthropology. Our approach also takes into consideration the users’ motivations, emotions, and beliefs related to a task, product, or application, and how the environment influences user interactions with a particular product.

Membership Solutions

solution membership solutionsHow do I create a vibrant membership for my association? Membership organizations that hit the mark in their target market derive the benefits of many advocates that make their organization stronger and more effective.

Those organizations that build and maintain an engaging brand, as well as an array of services that meet the needs of their customers, become vibrant forces that advance professions, occupations, and industries.

Through our suite of methodologies and data-driven approaches, EurekaFacts addresses organizational needs to inform membership engagement strategies. We uncover sought value and deliver pathways to new member acquisition, retention, re-engagement, and increased relevance.

We approach the tiers that drive engagement from branding through tactical offers. We examine the segments within your target market and develop data-driven member profiles, along with messaging and product targeting guidelines. Our member satisfaction measurement tools help you keep the pulse and drive continuous improvement.

Our consultative approach results in customized data-driven efforts that achieve their intended outcomes. 

Some examples of our work include:

  • Branding of membership organizations
  • Enhancement of value of membership
  • New member acquisition strategies and tactics
  • Membership engagement and lifetime engagement cycle
  • Membership value bundling and dues pricing
  • Membership satisfaction / customer feedback program
  • Local presence/chapter strategic planning
  • Strategic landscape using five forces analysis
  • Industry/sector studies and benchmarking
Customer Insights

7 customerinsightWith our expertise in marketing, market analysis, and project management, EurekaFacts provides robust solutions in the marketing metrics and insights arena. We work with client marketing teams and with our partnering marketing agencies to support insight and measurement projects toward formative research, execution maximization and campaign evaluation of integrated marketing solutions.

EurekaFacts provides insight and data-driven marketing guidance to support highly-targeted campaigns. Our expertise in marketing sciences, survey research, econometric modelling and multivariate analysis serve as strong foundations for our services:

  • Customer needs analysis 
  • Customer profiling and segmentation
  • Branding attributes / perceptions and branding structure
  • Loyalty programs, affiliation and affinity
  • Pricing and demand optimization
  • Cross-sell/up-sell optimization
  • Customer satisfaction / Enterprise feedback management
  • Precision targeting, micro-targeting and geo-demographics
  • Impact assessments and campaign evaluation
Customer Satisfaction

5 customersatifacIn a highly competitive environment where customer demands and expectations rise within and across service categories, high levels of customer satisfaction, engagement and loyalty are paramount to enterprise success. While contexts and benefits vary from case to case, this perspective is true for commercial products, services, nonprofit and government organizations.

Although much of the literature focuses on customer satisfaction, customer behavior points to the need to expand the concept of customer satisfaction measurement to also include loyalty and total value. EurekaFacts uses a proven systematic model that incorporates a market-driven approach. The measurements examine five key dimensions: 

  • Customer experience – Perception of the overall experience and the key factors that drive the experience.
  • Key service elements – Perceived quality of the key components that define the bundle of benefits.
  • Emotional involvement – Value and intensity of affective involvement and response to the experience and brand.
  • Perceived value - Perceived value in relation to expectations, as well as in relation to competing offers/alternatives.
  • Loyalty – Evaluates the price sensitivity in the broadest terms. This includes the customer’s willingness to repeat/continue to purchase, tolerate flaws, recommend to peers and associates, comply, and advocate for.