Public Opinion & Policy
- Sam Kromstain

Public Opinion and Policy Research

12 publicopinionKnowing constituents’ opinions on the issues, what contributes to those opinions and understanding their needs are vital for developing evidence based programs and policy initiatives. It is equally important to understand how the programs and policies affect the constituents: whether they the lead to intended outcomes or unintended consequences.

EurekaFacts has the research tools and expertise to help local and State governments, Federal Agencies, and other stakeholders to answer these questions. From information syntheses and key informant interviews to rapid ethnographic studies and population based surveys, we provide robust findings to guide program and policy development, and well as evaluate their impacts.

Our quality control procedures for all research ensures that our findings are able to withstand methodological and legislative scrutiny. The decision makers can be certain that EurekaFacts research offers a solid foundation to move forward.

Behavior Change

14 behaviorchangeUnderstanding why some individuals engage in promoted behaviors and others don’t is fundamental to both designing behavior change interventions and evaluating these efforts.

EurekaFacts uses what we call a multi-theoretical model of behavior change that draws on established models of behavior change such as ecological and value expectancy models, behavioral economics, as well as commercial models of consumer behavior and branding. We explore whether populations are aware of the issues addressed by the promoted behavior and whether they feel vulnerable. We seek to understand what the populations think and feel about the promoted behavior and which attributes are most influential in their decisions to engage. We look at contextual factors as well as characteristics of the decision space in which behaviors are likely to occur. We also investigate what other behaviors the populations may engage in to achieve the same goal as the promoted behavior, as well as what other priorities are more salient to the individuals.

Using appropriate research tools at our disposal, EurekaFacts provides our clients with a clear evidence based blueprint to design successful behavior change interventions. We use the same insights into behavior change and our expertise in evaluation and monitoring and advance analytics to design evaluation studies that gauge the effectiveness of the behavior change efforts and offer guidance for future interventions.

Evaluation and Monitoring

15 evaluationmonitoringDid my program impact change? We know that this is the burning question of anyone conducting interventions to benefit others. We also know that this is only part of the story. At EurekaFacts, we not only help our clients to know whether the program worked, but also help them to understand how it worked.

Our approach is based on working closely with our clients to fully understand all components of the intervention or programmatic efforts. Based on this collaboration, EurekaFacts develops objective measures of program process and outcomes. Our Process Information Monitoring Systems gives our clients an opportunity to monitor program implementation in real time, making any midcourse correction, if necessary.

We have experience working with administrative data, as well as primary data collection with stakeholders and constituents to provide comprehensive program evaluation services. Our approach emphasizes a robust evaluation design and well thought out analyses plans. Our expertise and innovative thinking can yield an empirically solid evaluation approach even when funds are tight and time frames are short.

With our approach to evaluation and monitoring, our clients can answer questions about program effectiveness with confidence. They also gain an insight into their intervention that will lead to future improvement and efficiencies.