Millennials are an elusive population for research studies, yet they are the trendsetters of today’s society. EurekaFacts developed a large national panel of millennials who have agreed to participate in research and product testing. We already used the data from the millennial panel to gain valuable insight into their health behavior and political engagement.


  • Fully opt-in
  • Recruited via diverse strategies online and off-line
  • National panel distributed across the US and territories
  • Individual identity and location verified
  • Born between 1982 and 1998
  • Robust diversity including by ethnicity/ origin, age, educational attainment

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EurekaFacts Millennial Panel Survey: Voting

With the 2016 elections fast approaching and the candidate pool being more diverse than in recent years, EurekaFacts conducted a survey with our Millennial Panel to examine the voting behaviors among the generation. Results show that millennials who believe voting is a civic duty are much more likely to vote, as well as those more interested in local politics. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE! 

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EurekaFacts Millennial Panel Survey: Vaping

Consistent with the findings of other recent research, results show use of e-cigarettes, i.e., "vaping," is prevalent among millennials. This study also showed that more millennials have tried vaping than cigarettes, and more millennials vape regularly than smoke cigarettes. Among the current cigarette smokers, most report vaping regularly as well. Millennials think that vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes, but when considered alone most do not think that vaping is safe. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!

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