Finance & Insurance

Services in the consumer finance sectors are increasingly competitive, subject to disruption by technological...

Nonprofit / Foundations

10 nonprofitAt EurekaFacts we have a strong understanding of mission oriented organizations, and the ways to support them through the insight of research and analysis. With a superb understanding of social marketing efforts and nonprofit programming, EurekaFacts is ready to assist. We bring robust capabilities in formative research to support strategy and tactics, predictive analysis to support decision-making, resource allocation, and other optimization, and evaluative research to gain maximum benefit from activity and the measurement of the outcomes and impact in every program.

We have conducted multiple studies and provided consulting in the following areas:

  • Issue and public policy research
  • Program evaluation/grant independent evaluation
  • Volunteer and involvement studies
  • New programs/initiatives
  • Strategic planning support including stakeholder assessments, balanced scorecard/strategy maps
  • Campaign and organizational metrics support
  • Audience profiling and segmentation
Associations & Professional Societies

The association world brings together great diversity in organizations, grouping, and supporting...