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Au Pair Program Review

For more than 30 years, the au pair program has connected U.S. families with young adults who provide child care services for U.S. host families all while continuing their post-secondary education and experiencing life in the United States.

Millennial Work Engagement: An Unmet Desire

“Millennials are becoming a larger presence in the workplace. Although previous research has painted millennials as selfish, entitled, and lazy, additional research offers a different perspective.

Summer Work Travel (SWT) Program Review

“SWT is a cultural exchange J-1 visa program that brings over 100,000 college students to experience life in the United States while working in seasonal jobs.

Belief in the Strong Immune System and Flu Prevention

“Chances are you’ve heard a millennial say, ‘I don’t get the flu vaccine because I’ve got a great immune system’ as a reason for why they failed to get the seasonal flu vaccine.

Millennial Vaping Brief

“Consistent with population-level decreases in overall smoking in the last several decades, a majority of millennials do not currently smoke or vape.

Millennials' Beliefs and Behaviors About Flu Prevention

“The flu is nothing to sneeze at. According to the CDC, influenza can cause anywhere between 3,000 and 50,000 deaths per year in the U.S., depending on the virus strain.

Quick Look at Millennial Voters

“Belief that voting is a civic duty was a key predictor of voting among millennials in the 2014 elections. Those who strongly agreed that it is their civic duty to vote were much more likely to vote than those who held weaker beliefs.

Effectiveness of the Think-Aloud Method in Children of Different Age Groups Research Poster

“This study evaluates the effectiveness of the think-aloud method used during cognitive interviewing for survey-item testing with children. This study examines the application of a think-aloud technique during testing of a computer-based assessment, across two different grades and age-groups: grade 4 (age 9-10) and grade 8 (age 14-15).

Impact of Hurricane Maria on U.S. Metro Areas

“We identified US metropolitan areas in the mainland, with the highest presence of Puerto Ricans as areas who will experience that new waves of climate refugees from Puerto Rico.

Capabilities Transport Final

“Cost-effective and customer-centered transportation begins with high-quality research to inform decisions, system, and service design.