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Products and services designed with the user in mind have far greater chances of success and superiority than all others. In order to design services or products that meet and exceed customer and user expectations, it is necessary to take into account users’ and customers’ needs and requirements as well as factors that affect their interactions with services and products.

At EurekaFacts we team with service and product developers to gain insights into how users interact with a product or system in order to perform a task or achieve goals. In other words, it is important to understand the progression of actions taken by the users and what they expect, or need at each point in order to be able successfully interact with the product and to achieve goals. This exploration of the user needs and requirements allows us to determine design specifications and features of user-friendly products and services.

End-user perspective. EurekaFacts’ human-centered design expertise is based on a multi-disciplined approach to services and product design that focuses on end-user perspective. This approach considers users’ needs, preferences and limitations, as well as clients’ business objectives. In order to understand and adjust specific designs to user needs, preferences and limitations, we implement principles of cognition, usability, accessibility, ergonomics, and anthropology. Our approach also takes into consideration the users’ motivations, emotions, and beliefs related to a task, product, or application, and how the environment influences user interactions with a particular product.


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