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Transportation by the Numbers

Dynamic Pricing Models

What does it takes to have a customer deviate from a free solution to paying one in order to save time?

Helping transit systems prioritize routes and move riders efficiently

With research, you can dramatically IMPROVE efficiency. Learn how we improved WMATA Transit Ridership Habits for Improved Mobility.

Women have more barriers to walking and biking then men

With evidence-based efforts, you can improve women’s transportation. Learn how we supported bicycle and pedestrian safety in Virginia.

What is the value of time?

Express Toll Lanes along I-95 in Maryland Case Study

Finding a safer solution to bike and pedestrian friendly cities

“Designating part of the road as a bike lane right next to cars is not the best solution, from a safety perspective.”

Use brand testing to develop new website name, theme, logo, icons, and app name

Learn how we supported a Multi-mode Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) evaluation of Maryland toll road drivers.

Study your Transportation questions with us

Meet EurekaFacts Smart Research Solutions. EurekaFacts is a full-service market and social research firm with expertise and products (ExpressQual, Segmentos) that can benefit your transportation research. We have extensive experience working with municipalities, government agencies, non-profits, and community-based organizations.

We have a team of experts, tools, and networks to deliver top-quality insights that help you identify and maximize your opportunities and reduce market risk. Learn more about our research through these case studies:

We are ready to deliver insights that can inspire your breakthrough strategy and tactics. We have transportation research expertise and would be happy to discuss your goals and objectives during a brief consultation.

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