Education & Training Research

Evidence-based practices drive many education efforts today. Similarly, both private and public organizations serving education roles and the education market face both the need to demonstrate the value of their offers, and to navigate an increasingly crowded marketplace where budgets can be thin. To thrive in such environment, our training and education team has the expertise and experience necessary to deliver superior value, actionable strategies, and tactics that come from deep understanding of the context, advances and needs of the education field today. We work on multiple education efforts, ranging from test design, to impact assessment. We have particular expertise and experience in program evaluation, test development, needs assessments, cognitive and usability testing of assessments, as well as in the role of Supplemental Educational Services, co-curricular and extracurricular activities in education. With a strong background working with multiple educational and professional educator organizations, EurekaFacts has in-depth knowledge of the K-12 system in the United States and the datasets available to many research efforts including special tabulations/datasets from the US census bureau, Common Core Data, Private School Survey, School Staffing Survey, and others. In fact, EurekaFacts has developed the database SchoolsUSA and often uses it as a tool to support market analysis and segmentation of K-12 related programs and offers, and to inform school-based geo-marketing strategies. We have conducted multiple studies and provided consulting in the following areas:
  • Needs assessments for educators, administrators, education agencies
  • E-learning program design & evaluation
  • Evaluation of online e-learning modules
  • Education marketing & geo-marketing
  • Training impact evaluation
  • Usability testing
  • Education data analysis and reporting
  • Longitudinal training impact assessments

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