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How will the next generation be evaluated and assessed in school, as they transition into the workplace, and in tangential areas of their life?

EurekaFacts researchers work with you to find out what information will make a difference while mitigating risk and exercising safety, especially with our youngest research participants. We have research expertise with students and youth in program evaluation, test development and design, needs and impact assessments, and cognitive and usability testing of assessments. We can also help you evaluate the role of Supplemental Educational Services, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities in education.

Who are our research participants?

  • K-12 students 
  • College students and alumni 
  • Young adults (ages 18-25) 
  • Hispanic audiences 
  • Parents (decision makers) 

Research we’ve done with students & youth 

  • Test and analyze a variety of educational materials 
  • Pre-test national assessment materials for K-12 students 
  • Both formative and evaluative research with an interdisciplinary approach 
  • E-learning program design & evaluation 
  • Evaluation of online e-learning modules 
  • Education marketing & geo-marketing 
  • Usability testing 
  • Education data analysis and reporting

Methodologies we use with students & youth 

  • Small group “tryouts” put students in classroom-like settings to gain insight as to how they perceive and understand the educational material in question. The testing setting closely mimics a natural environment in which students would be completing the test. 
  • One-on-one cognitive interviews evaluate students’ comprehension of materials (e.g. educational test, assessments, e-learning). This technique examines students’ understanding of the test questions with the end result of improved content and information presentation. In other words, students test the test. 
  • Focus groups promote a discussion among students regarding their thoughts, impressions, and difficulties with educational materials. In other words, groups of students test the test. 
  • Usability testing of latest technologybased assessments (TBA) including the usability of tablet computers, the user interface of different tasks, and students’ experience with interactive tasks. 

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Key Clients for students & youth research 

  • U.S. Department of Education 
  • National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) 
  • Educational Testing Service (ETS)
  • Alliance for International Exchange 
  • Pearson 
  • Westat
  • RTi Research
  • American Institutes for Research (AIR)

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Director of Cognitive Research

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