Strategic Communications

How do you develop strategic communications?

Effective use of metrics and analysis help gauge that your strategic communications reach the right audience with the right message using the right media mix. Market research helps you design communication strategies that:

  • Create visibility
  • Build brand equity
  • Change behaviors and opinions
  • Harness engagement
  • Grow relationships
  • Uncover strategic opportunities 

Customized research helps you develop strategic communications

  • We help you yield consumer behavior information that directly maps unto your creative briefs or marketing plans.
  • We help you reach the right audience with the right message through sophisticated approaches to audience segmentation.
  • We help you find the right audience for your strategic communications research project, from business executives to association members, from patients to consumers, and even hard-to-reach audiences.
  • We help you refine messaging or communication strategies with validated qualitative and quantitative research approaches.
  • We help you implement campaign monitoring systems that help you track the progress of your efforts and/or implement midcourse corrections, if necessary.
  • We help you track earned media and social media to understand the impact of your campaigns beyond planned media and dissemination strategies.
  • We help you build advanced analytic capacity, Return on Investment (ROI) models, and media mix optimization plans.

EurekaFacts uses a consultative approach to find you solutions
EurekaFacts consultative approach helps you arrive at the tools you need to execute your vision while keeping you in command. Strategic communications market research helps you develop concepts, decide between creative executions, and measure impacts. Market research will you find that a-ha! moment you are seeking.

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