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Response Optimization

Working with a company that utilizes direct mail as its primary means of acquiring customers, EurekaFacts conducted research in direct mail optimization.

Research Methodology

  • Multivariate analysis of response rates to identify targets that offer the highest response rates
  • Development and analysis of tests to determine optimum list criteria, message, package, offer, and timing for various direct response efforts
  • Optimizing offering sequences to maximize relationships, and integrated marketing evaluation to measure the contribution of each effort toward marketing objectives

Research Impact

The response optimization program resulted in new combinations of list selection, package, message, offer, and timing that more than doubled a ten-year control package. Other outcomes included the identification of new viable market segments and greater customer retention.


Methods: Multivariate analysis, A/B testing, List optimization

Audiences: Direct mail recipients

Language: English

Content Domains: Direct mail optimization, Messaging, packaging, offerings and timing testing, Market segmentation

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