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How do you understand your constituents?

To develop evidence-based programs and policy initiatives, you must know your constituents’ opinions on the issues, what contributes to those opinions, and their needs. Public opinion research will help you understand how your programs and policies affect your constituents: whether they lead to intended outcomes or unintended consequences.

Customized market research helps you understand your constituents
EurekaFacts has the expertise to help local and state governments, Federal agencies, and other stakeholders to answer your policy research questions. Here is a selection of research tools we can draw from for your policy research projects:

  • Key informant interviews
  • Information synthesis
  • Rapid ethnographic studies
  • Population-based surveys

EurekaFacts provides impact evaluations and robust findings to guide program and policy development (that a-ha! moment you are seeking).

Our quality control procedures for all our research ensures that the findings can withstand methodological and legislative scrutiny. The decision-makers can be certain that EurekaFacts research offers a solid foundation to move your policy forward.

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