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EurekaFacts has cultivated its public health research as a multi-disciplinary practice within the Public Affairs, Human Factors, and Marketing departments. We have applied our experience across a range of public health topics.

Public Health Topics Recently Studied by EurekaFacts

Full Range of Services

Our team brings expertise to a full range of services in support of public health research initiatives. We provide an initial qualitative understanding of the issues, with an excellent record of recruiting hard-to-reach populations, as well as high-level professional stakeholders. We can test public-facing websites, as well as, training modules for healthcare professionals. Our capacity includes conducting population-based surveys as well as using our data mining expertise and geo-spatial analyses to gain valuable insight from secondary data sources.


Public Health Research Team

With content knowledge and research expertise the EurekaFacts Public Health team is ready to provide a wide range of research services to associations, government agencies, and NGOs in the United States and globally.

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