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Public Health by the Numbers

WOMEN have more barriers to walking and biking then men

With evidence-based efforts, you can dramatically IMPROVE women’s health. Learn how we supported bicycle and pedestrian safety in Virginia.

1 in 10 people eat CONTAMINATED food annually

Yet, with evidence-based efforts, you can dramatically REDUCE foodborne illness. Learn how we supported beverage and food safety for the FDA.

SMOKING is the leading killer in the U.S.

Yet, with evidence-based efforts, you can dramatically REDUCE preventable deaths. Learn how we supported smoking cessation in Maryland.

WORD CHOICE impacts health access

With evidenced-based efforts, you can dramatically REDUCE barriers. Learn how we improved health insurance language for Latino business owners.

Only 1 in 10 adults eats the DAILY RECOMMENDED AMOUNT of fruits and vegetables

With evidenced-based efforts, you can dramatically IMPROVE healthy eating. Learn how we the USDA My Plate/Mi Plato Dietary Guidelines.

One U.S. worker is injured every SEVEN SECONDS

Yet, with evidence-based efforts, you can dramatically REDUCE workplace injury.  Learn how we supported a Safety Conscious Workplace Environment.

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