Membership Solutions

How do you create a vibrant membership for your association?

Customized market research will help your association

  • Hit your target market
  • Benefit from more advocates
  • Make your organization more effective
  • Advance your professions/occupations/industries
  • Build/maintain an engaging brand
  • Find services that meet member needs

EurekaFacts addresses your organizational needs and informs your membership engagement strategies through customized market research.

  • We uncover sought value and deliver pathways to new member acquisition, retention, reengagement, and increased relevance.
  • We help you raise revenue by driving engagement from branding through tactical offers.
  • We examine the segments within your target market and develop data-driven member profiles, along with messaging and product targeting guidelines.
  • We help you keep the pulse and drive continuous improvement by easily and quickly surveying your members at an affordable price with our MembershipMatters measurement tool.
  • We consult with you every step of the way in customized data-driven efforts to achieve intended outcomes (that a-ha! moment you are seeking).

Some examples of consultative Association work include:

  • Branding of membership organizations
  • Enhancement of value of membership
  • New member acquisition strategies and tactics
  • Membership engagement and lifetime engagement cycle
  • Membership value bundling and dues pricing
  • Membership satisfaction/customer feedback program
  • Local presence/chapter strategic planning
  • Strategic landscape using five forces analysis
  • Industry/sector studies and benchmarking
  • Policy research that benefits members

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