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The Renal Physicians Association needed to understand better the interests, challenges, and career-related intentions of young physicians practicing within a highly specialized medical field.

Research Methodology

Through a series of in-depth interviews and online surveys with four key audience segments, including fellows, foreign medical graduates, women, and young practitioners, EurekaFacts provided the association with an in-depth profile of the practice patterns of their youngest membership segment. The study examined issues such as their intentions to stay in the field, expectations regarding compensation, and how work/life issues impact young practitioners’ current and future career-related decisions. 

Research Impact

Insights on these and other key professional characteristics shared by physicians starting their careers in this highly specialized field provided the association with actionable insights on how to better serve this member group’s current and future professional needs.


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Methods: Mixed-mode research, In-depth interviews, Online surveys

Audiences: Young practitioners, Fellows, Foreign medical graduates, Women

Language: English

Content Domains: Renal physicians, Associations, Membership satisfaction, Specialized medical field

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