Marketing Sciences

Increasingly, the role of marketing has become one driven by systematic pursuit of insight, innovation and creativity, supported by a foundation of analytics at every level of the process. At EurekaFacts we have developed strong capabilities and expertise to support companies in this new environment.

We apply our expertise to inform market strategy and tactics with fact-based, data-driven consulting. With a multidisciplinary team of experts in cognitive and consumer psychology, statisticians, econometricians, data modellers, and marketing experts, we add in-depth understanding to every client’s objective, and translate new insights into competitive advantage.

Our studies support user-centered design of products, services, and customer experiences; they pinpoint optimal pricing strategy, and support integrated marketing campaigns with targeting, messaging, and media allocation guidance. With crystal-clear segmentation, laser-sharp targeting, and optimized communications, EurekaFacts clients achieve high levels of ROI and superior positions in the marketplace.

We have provided consulting in a wide range of areas including:

  • Media mix optimization
  • Branding and positioning
  • Pricing optimization, demand estimation & econometric modelling
  • Loyalty and involvement
  • Strategic market planning
  • Market segmentation targeting and positioning (STP)
  • Customer profiling


Certified to International Quality  Standard for Market, Public Opinion and Social Research ISO 20252

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Institutional protection of privacy, sensitive and confidential information – IRB, Secure environment, participant in the Privacy Shield program

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Experts in research methods, data collection, analytics, research audiences and in impactful research

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