Market Trends and Dynamics

How do you find market trends?

Customized research brings you econometrics, understanding of large databases, and strategic market planning. Customized research supports efforts with clear sets of facts and systematic analysis. Understanding the big picture for strategic planning is paramount. This includes understanding markets, players, and the forces shaping competitive action.

Customized research helps you understand your data
While every research project calls for different approaches, EurekaFacts has the depth of understanding and experience in crafting the right solutions and executing them so that you can gain a clear view of  your market (that a-ha! moment you are seeking). With EurekaFacts market analysis monitoring of dynamics and trends, you will yield significant competitive advantages.

EurekaFacts uses a consultative approach to find you solutions

Strategic Market Planning Support

  • Five Forces Analysis: Examine the forces shaping your competitive space
  • Environmental Scan: Support your big picture monitoring with an emphasis on the ten point analysis and micro-environment (market, customer, competition, substitute, market sizing, market penetration, market share, share of mind and share of heart measurement and monitoring)
  • Market Analysis: Total market analysis, industry landscape and opportunity identification

Competitive Strategy Modeling

  • Total Market Segmentation and characterization to support Segmentation Targeting and Positioning Strategy
  • Marketing Intelligence: Analysis of advertising in target product categories, monitoring of social media activity using content analysis and artificial intelligence for speed and effectiveness
  • Social Media Discourse Analytics: Keep a close pulse on consumer trends and preferences
  • Market Strategy: Geo-demographic analysis of retail locations, localized efforts, and competitive space monitoring


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