International Development Research

With a rich cross-cultural team and an organization designed to bring best practices in research and evaluation to various contexts, EurekaFacts has a strong track record supporting international studies for a wide range of content areas. Our senior staff has fluency in English, French, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, and Spanish. With such a diverse, multilingual team, and a network of teaming partners in many nations, EurekaFacts has a growing international sector practice. Our teams have conducted document and literature review in multiple languages, in-depth qualitative interviewing throughout multiple countries, fielded and analyzed surveys in multiple languages, and conducted Geo-Analysis using global and local datasets.

Our experience in this sector includes work for governments, multilateral organizations, and private organizations. Among the various studies and consulting efforts that illustrate our strong past performance in the sector are:

  • Study evaluating impact of the Inter-American Development Bank PRODEV program, assessing effectiveness and progress of government s in the Latin American region.
  • Evaluation of several English language programs implemented as public diplomacy efforts by the US Department of State, including worldwide surveys, interviews and in-country research in Chile, Russia, Thailand and Turkey.
  • Conducting cognitive testing of questions for a census survey.
  • Evaluation of a bilateral collaboration program between the United States and Turkey.
  • Evaluation of multiple international exchange programs from the perspectives of international students, schools, host families, volunteer and staff representatives.
  • Geo-analysis of presence and prioritization of markets for a professional society.
  • Market needs and customer profiles to support several professional societies/associations in their expansion to key international markets in Europe, Middle East, Latin America and Asia.

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