Housing & Urban Planning Research

EurekaFacts has a strong track record supporting housing, urban planning, and community development. Our experience in this sector includes a wide range of studies for municipalities, large private developments, county governments, regional authorities, state agencies, and the federal government.

Among the various studies and consulting efforts that illustrate our strong past performance in the sector are:

  • The public perception among residents, visitors, and businesses in Montgomery County, MD
  • Relationship between access to transit modes and economic prosperity of low-income residents of the Washington Metropolitan area
  • Curbside use and preferences and trade-offs among residents of the District of Columbia – a study aimed at understanding curbside use and parking policy
  • Design of a research study to Measure the Impact and Efficacy of a Single-Family Housing Tax Credit
  • Community perceptions and satisfaction for a large residential community
  • Smart city viability study for a small municipality
  • Impact study for housing and community development leadership and staff training programs
  • Tenant access issues and issue resolution
  • Pedestrian Safety Campaign Evaluation
  • Analysis and Characterization of Homeowner Associations and Developments in the State of California (in progress)

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