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Why Do You Need Healthcare Research?

Healthcare, being a service delivered by teams, has unique characteristics. Patients and those close to them access services when they are most vulnerable, raising the impact of every interaction in the experience. Similarly, the experience is strongly driven by the internal branding and customer-centeredness of the organization. In high reliability organizations such as those in healthcare, this is an even greater effect. Research has shown with abundant evidence that there are strong linkages between organizational climate and the quality of care.

Recent Primary and Secondary Healthcare Research

  • Patient safety culture studies for hospitals
  • Instrument and literature review of assessments of organizational climate in healthcare environments
  • Practice studies for certain medical and dental specialties
  • National study of ambulatory surgery centers
  • Focus groups with patients regarding perceptions  of quality of care, patient experience and health literacy
  • Focus groups and interviews with healthcare providers for a variety of issues
  • Beneficiary satisfaction with health insurance plans
  • Testing of large scale instruments that collect data related to how people seek and use health information
  • Statistical modeling of media allocation  and their impact on recruitment of patients for clinical trials  (cancer and other conditions)
  • A command climate survey for the US Army Medical Command, a study with detailed analysis and reporting for the major and subordinate commands, treatment facilities including 24 factors that align workforce culture with expected patient-centered outcomes

Healthcare Research Team

The EurekaFacts Healthcare Research team brings the expertise and experience needed to support high reliability organizations in the healthcare sector.

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