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What is my program impact?


We know that this is the burning question for any organization conducting interventions to benefit others. We also know that this is only part of the story. At EurekaFacts, we not only help you know whether the program worked, but we also help you understand how it worked.

Customized research to help you understand your program

Our customized research abilities use both administrative data and primary data collection. EurekaFacts’ customized research emphasizes robust evaluation design and well-thought-out analysis plans. Our Process Information Monitoring Systems allows you to monitor program implementation in real-time, making any mid-course corrections, if necessary. Our ability to tailor research to your program yields empirically solid and effective evaluation, even when funds are tight and time frames are short.

EurekaFacts uses a collaborative approach to find you solutions

Our approach is based on working closely with you to fully understand all components of the intervention or program. Based on this collaboration, we help you develop objective measures of your program and outcomes. With this approach to monitoring and evaluation, you can answer questions about program effectiveness with confidence. You also gain an insight into your intervention that will lead to future advancements and progress tailored to your business goals.


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