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What is the key data strategy for your organization?

EurekaFacts can help you execute your organizational vision by mining the wealth and variety of internal and external data that exists and by developing strategies and tactics that resonate with your key stakeholders and engage your organization. At EurekaFacts, we bring you smart methodologies to structure and facilitate strategic planning, engage your stakeholders, and conduct customized research. Our customized research helps you understand your market, organizational context, and what drives your staff. EurekaFacts can help you uncover and define your path forward, then implement data-driven solutions to monitor your path. Customized research helps you understand your data Customized research and advanced analytics help you identify key data elements. Our research strategies equip your organization with a set of predictive analytical models and feedback loops that can quickly become the source of competitive advantage, efficiency, speed, and adaptability.  

EurekaFacts uses a consultative approach to find you solutions

EurekaFacts’ consultative approach helps you examine the tools you need to execute your vision while keeping you in command. Our data modeling strategies help you in planning, identifying demand, forecasting, and creating contingency plans. Our rigorous data analytics helps you develop and refine the right strategy for your organization.

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Data-Driven Strategy Case Studies

Designing and implementing actionable engagement strategies for an alumni association A large university’s alumni association, in preparation for a major initiative and centennial anniversary, needed to develop an engagement plan for alumni. EurekaFacts took the historical records and engagement information available; added updated addresses, demographics, known interests, and other overlays; and developed a segmentation that profiled the various groups. This data modeling informed targeted engagement strategies from the association and delivered highly localized information to the chapter leaders who could create the types of engagement programming most likely to succeed. Consolidating complex data options for decision-makers An association was considering what/if scenarios during a high stakes budget meeting and needed information quickly at their fingertips. EurekaFacts used data modeling to encapsulate a range of anticipated funding scenarios including charging by district size, flat fee, and looking at regional board composition. Data was gleaned from internal and external sources, analyzed, and consolidated into one spreadsheet for everyone to view during the budget meeting. Determining revenue for a state transportation agency A state transportation agency needed data on how much drivers were willing to pay for tolls to determine revenue for 20-year bonds. First, EurekaFacts worked with the state agency to determine the volume of traffic before the tolls and then worked with the contractor to project the new volume of traffic after tolls were in place. Data modeling on how much drivers were willing to pay for tolls to save five, ten, or fifteen minutes of travel time was used to determine revenue for bonds on this 20-year project.

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