Data Collection

Data Collection

The EurekaFacts team is ready to support your research study with effective, expert and reliable data collection. We have a proven track record with all types of data collection and analysis throughout the United States and globally, with the capabilities and experience to inform study design and collect data in the field, over the phones, or on the internet. EurekaFacts has done it all, from in-depth, in-person interviews, to a wide array of online, telephone survey, in-home, and multimode research.

Our expert methodologists and our field services center offer a strong array of services to support the most challenging recruitment and data collection efforts. Services include telephone survey capabilities, a fully equipped cognitive lab, telephone interviewing facility, online and mail survey capabilities, and online focus group platforms.

  • Survey Research. Multiple mode surveys including online/mobile, mail, and telephone interviewing (CATI)
  • Survey Programming and deployment for administration via any method (CATI, CAPI, CAWI)
  • Focus group studies (in-person and online)
  • Management of national and international data collection coordinating local teams and adapting studies to local culture and practices  
  • Qualitative interviews (In-depth IDIs, Cognitive testing Coglabs, Ethnographic)
  • Moderated and unmoderated usability studies/human factors research
  • Intercept survey fielding in multiple settings (in-store, event venues, homes or on-board administration) 
  • Recruitment and administration of large scale testing on premises and remotely for tryouts, trials, experimental testing
  • Respondent help-desk hotline for large-scale surveys and complex study coordination


Ready To Go Infrastructure

Like any other major undertaking, data collection projects require massive support infrastructures, and EurekaFacts has that covered too. We have a fully staffed, multilingual call center (English, Spanish, and other languages), online/mobile survey programing, and a respondent help desk to ensure that large scale survey projects go off without a hitch. Our teams are highly proficient and experienced in key aspects of high-quality field data collection and respondent data management:

  •  Maintaining respondent confidentiality/management PII – Staff has suitability clearance and public trust clearance to work on data collection that involves PII/sensitive information.
  •  Working with hard to reach populations – Experience working with children, linguistic and ethnic minorities, executives, scientists, military personnel, international audiences, low SES, and people with disabilities.
  •  Adherence to OMB-approved, IRB reviewed and strict research protocols.
  • Compliance with strict privacy protection compliant with California Privacy Laws, active participation in the Privacy Shield Program for compliance with privacy regulation for the EU, Switzerland, UK, and the jurisdictions that follow the GDPR framework.
  • Management of mixed-mode data collection including simultaneous interviewing via online surveys, telephone, and self-administered (mail) surveys.

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