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Hostelling International USA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit membership organization founded in 1934 to promote international understanding of the world and its people through hostelling. HI-USA operates a network of nearly 80 quality hostel accommodations throughout the United States ranging from urban high-rise buildings with hundreds of beds to small remote hostels in rural settings.

Hostelling International USA wanted to explore the behavior, preferences, and needs of travelers staying in their hostels, HI-USA members, and HI-USA volunteers.


Research Methodology

EurekaFacts utilized qualitative interviews of current volunteers spanning various generational cohorts. We conducted in-person focus groups in New York City, Portland (OR), and San Francisco which involved travelers staying at local hostels. At the qualitative stage, we also employed online focus groups of HI-USA members. Following the qualitative research, online surveys gathered data among those who have stayed at HI-USA hostels, HI-USA members, and HI-USA volunteers to discover the needs, satisfaction, and expectations of these diverse audiences.


Research Impact

Rather than relying on gut-level hunches or subjective opinions of what matters to customers, members, and volunteers, HI-USA can make business decisions based on smart marketing information. Specifically, results from the statistical modeling of the behavior, attitudes, and preferences of HI-USA’s customers, members, and volunteers allowed HI-USA to prioritize its business efforts on the factors that had the most significant influence on the decision-making of its audiences.


Methods: Qualitative interviews, In-person and online focus groups, Online surveys

Audiences: Travelers staying in hostels, HI-USA members, HI-USA volunteers, Generational cohorts

Language: English

Content Domains: Customer profiles, Statistical modeling, Hostelling International USA

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