Content Analysis

EurekaFacts offers content analysis, a type of quantitative research

What is content analysis?

Content analysis is a set of methods for analyzing the symbolic content of any communication. This technique involves reducing the total content of communication (e.g. all the words or all the visual imagery) to a set of categories which represent quantifiable characteristics.

Over the past decade, the proliferation of social and digital content has provided new forms of communication, and with it new forms of insight. Online sources such as Facebook and Twitter provide real-time information, which can be mined and analyzed using content analysis.


What kinds of content can be analyzed?

EurekaFacts is equipped with experienced staff and necessary software (e.g. NVIVO, Morae) to analyze multiple forms of communication:

  • unstructured-interviews
  • audio-visual text
  • industry advertising such as online videos, recordings, display ads
  • web postings on Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.


EurekaFacts uses a consultative approach to find you solutions

When conducting content analysis, EurekaFacts works closely with you to meet your specific research needs. EurekaFacts works with you to identify the scope of the study, the breadth of sources which will be scanned, the coding schemes, and subsequent themes that emerge through analysis. Based on your needs and business objectives, EurekaFacts develops systematic and objective criteria for transforming written text or visuals into highly reliable quantitative data.

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