Consumer Services Research

At EurekaFacts, we deliver the insightful and actionable research needed to shape your market strategy and tactics. We conduct both primary and secondary research.

Why Consumer Services Research?

Increasingly, products and services compete by generating strong connections with the customer. By applying our expertise through the entire spectrum of research tools, we are able to support efforts that examine the competitive landscape in markets, segments, and competitive sets, while also being able to zoom into the understanding of how consumers absorb information, respond, and make choices.


Consumer Services Research Past Performances

  • Advertising testing, logo testing and other communications testing for a wide range of consumer services
  • Customer satisfaction and customer engagement studies
  • Geo-demographic analysis to locate banking branches
  • Geo-demographic prioritization tool to guide direct marketing efforts for a cellular phone company
  • Usability testing for a social media platform
  • Recruitment of subscribers to specific services to participate in research studies
  • Brand awareness and key attributes for continuing education  programs

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