Citizen Engagement

How do you influence civic engagement?

Successful governing involves understanding your constituents’ needs and concerns. Community leaders may also need evidence based information on how to

  • attract new residents
  • increase civic engagement
  • encourage residents to use new services
  • meet constituent needs better and more efficiently than the old ways of doing business

Customized research helps you know your constituents
Customized research for citizen engagement takes expertise in public opinion research, behavior change, branding, and consumer engagement. As a community decision maker, you need this full range of research services to understand, support, and encourage civic engagment.

EurekaFacts uses a consultative approach to find you solutions
Civic engagement rearch begins with you. We listen to the questions and concerns of community leaders in order to recommend the right variety of research methods, advanced analytics, quality control procedures, and reporting. You can be assured that you are getting the best actionable information for your investment.


Civic Engagement Research Case Studies

Using Photovoice to Measure Barriers to Walking and Bicycling in Arlington County

Conducting Maryland Emergency Preparedness Network Survey

Studying Public Health Materials for At-Risk Population

Examining WMATA Transit Ridership Habits for Improved Mobility

City of Seat Pleasant Seeks Smart City Transition Research

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