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Ticket to Work is a Social Security Administration (SSA) program that offers persons with disabilities the opportunity to receive vocational rehabilitation, employment-directed, or other support services through the provider of their choice. Booz Allen Hamilton, on behalf of SSA, sought the services of a survey vendor to field an employment network satisfaction survey among SSA beneficiaries who participate in the Ticket to Work program.

Objective: EurekaFacts conducted mixed-mode data collection of a nationally representative sample of program participants. The method used includes notification postcards, letters, online surveys, as well as reminders and CATI data collection in English and Spanish.

Method: For this research study, EurekaFacts planned and administered the data collection, which included:

  • sample management
  • printing and mailing of multiple waves of the survey instrument
  • scanning of tens of thousands of OMR-scannable survey instruments in English and Spanish
  • programming an online survey in English and Spanish
  • compiling the data from the paper and online versions of the surveys
  • conducting telephone reminder calls among Social Security Administration (SSA) beneficiaries participating in the Ticket to Work program
  • providing Booz Allen Hamilton with a raw data file and a univariate results for analysis

Outcomes: The effort resulted in higher levels of data quality and a response rate significantly higher than that achieved in previous administrations of the survey, along with smooth performance, on-time, and within budget.


Methods: Mixed-mode data collection, Quantitative research, Online survey, OMR-scannable survey, CATI

Audiences: People with disabilities, Ticket to Work participants, Bilingual Latinos, Monolingual Spanish-speakers, Non-Hispanics

Languages: English, Spanish

Content Domains: Ticket to Work, Vocational rehabilitation, Employment services, Social Security Administration, Booz Allen Hamilton

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