Behavior Change

What leads to behavior change?

Understanding why some individuals engage in certain behaviors and others don’t is fundamental to both designing behavior change interventions and evaluating these efforts.

Customized research helps you understand behavior change
Customized research provides a clear, evidence-based blueprint to design successful behavior change interventions. Our customized research strategies also gauges the effectiveness of the behavior change efforts. At EurekaFacts, we use a multi-theoretical model of behavior change that draws on ecological and value expectancy models, behavioral economics, as well as commercial models of consumer behavior and branding.

Our consultative approach finds you the best solutions

  • We explore whether populations are aware of the issues addressed by the promoted behavior and whether they feel vulnerable.
  • We seek to understand what the populations think and feel about the promoted behavior and which attributes are most influential in their decisions to engage.
  • We look at contextual factors as well as characteristics of the decision space in which behaviors are likely to occur.
  • We investigate what other behaviors the populations may engage in to achieve the same goal as the promoted behavior, as well as what other priorities are more salient to the individuals.


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