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At EurekaFacts, we deliver the insightful and actionable research needed to strengthen membership, enhance engagement, maximize usage of member resources, and analyze dues/nondues revenue. We conduct both primary and secondary research including survey metrics and econometrics to deliver high quality market/industry studies and opinion polling on a wide range of issues.

With EurekaFacts resources and infrastructure, we can conduct online, telephone and mixed mode survey research, multilingual interviewing, focus groups, web site usability testing, and predictive analytics. With strong expertise in affiliation and engagement, our team has worked with some of the world’s largest and most respected membership and volunteer organizations in the world.


Why Association Research?

The association world brings together great diversity in organizations, groups, supporting professions, occupations, industries, and causes. Individual member associations face a challenging environment today. Similarly, trade/industry groups experience the pressures of increasingly complex and demanding environments. Research gives you insights to help direct the future of your association.

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Certified to International Quality  Standard for Market, Public Opinion and Social Research ISO 20252