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Machine Learning (AI)

AIM Labs is a EurekaFacts division dedicated to the development of artificial intelligence solutions. Our focus is to implement machine/deep learning solutions that help acquire clear perspectives when a significant amount of data is involved.

AI can be used for insights, trend and anomaly detection, classification, and deep learning. With expertise and capability in artificial intelligence application development supplemented by the firm’s strong understanding of research methods, advanced analytics, and project management, the team is ready to deliver custom artificial intelligent solutions to meet a wide range of needs. Our solutions center on knowledge discovery, data classification, and predictive analytics which carry over into process automation.


Process Automation

Our solutions, applied insight through artificial intelligence and automation, can both identify the best course of action and set in motion an implementation that matters. Through development of these integrated approaches, our clients have exceeded their goals.

AIM Labs created our first AI solution, the EurekaFacts Sentiment Analyzer, to showcase several components of machine learning and process automation. The tool is a limited demonstration. AIM Labs also creates customized AI solutions for clients.

EurekaFacts PinPoint is a market intelligence and consumer product compliance monitoring system that keeps real-time intelligence of entire industries.

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