The Hispanic population in the United States is large, diverse and a must-engage market for public and private sector organizations that need to remain nationally relevant. With our strong understanding of these markets, EurekaFacts developed a household segmentation system that helps marketing and decision-makers navigate the complexities of the many groups that make up the Hispanic market. A total of 11 groups, encompasing 30 clusters provide a highly actionable geo-demographic characterization of Hispanics in the US based on the communities where they live. As such, Segmentos is structured as a geo-demographic clustering system that identifies and characterizes distinct segments throughout the country. Clients use Segmentos either independently or as part of other market analytics efforts to develop and refine strategy and tactics.  
What does Segmentos do for me? Segmentos helps better understand and craft brands, offers and communications to Hispanics in the US. Segmentos provides a description of the Hispanic groups in the US, according to their attributes and the communities where they live.

How can I use Segmentos? There are several ways to use Segmentos:

1- Choose a zip code, city, metro area or region and Segmentos will provide a very complete picture of the Hispanic population that lives there and the various distinct groups that make the Hispanic community. It also informs how the area or region differs from national population.

2- Choose a demographic profile from the 11 groups, the 30 detailed segments or a custom demographic target, and Segmentos will inform you of the complete consumer profile of your target demographic. It will also tell you the size of your target demographic and the communities where you can find them.

3- Choose a particular attribute that relates to your objectives (for example, large family size, presence of children, etc.) and we will provide you with the Hispanic Groups

4- Provide us with a list of customers and we will match them to the detailed Segmentos groups and detailed clusters, enriching the information you have on our customers and offering insights on how to find more customers that look like those you have already won over.

5- Add the Segmentos database to your custom segmentation and customer profiling system to serve as a core stream of attributes informing your community profiles.

6- Use geo-location to better understand your customer/user’s community and target efforts accordingly.

EF Segmentos 1
Key Features
  • National structure that identifies key segments of households
  • Segments developed based on multiple characteristics including: Languages spoken at home, acculturation, household structure, household member characteristics, affluence, and education
  • Characterization of each segment allows for better understanding of each segment, their dominant national culture, languages, and more
  • Data presents reliable estimates of incidence of each segment at various levels of geography down to zip code
  • Segment data can be blended with other large datasets including large-scale survey microdata, transactional/customer records, and administrative data
  • EurekaFacts can support efforts targeting Hispanics using Segmentos as a data back-bone for deeper and custom research
  • Develop a better understanding of the segments that are currently served
  • Identify your market penetration by segment
  • Select segments of interest
  • Develop targeting strategies and communications with a clear picture of the typical households in these groups
  • Localize efforts knowing top zip codes to target
  • Save hundreds of hours in advanced analytical work to arrive at geo-demographic segments that you can use
  • Use Segmentos along with other tools to develop truly insightful and effective strategies and tactics 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of information does Segmentos provide? Segmentos delivers complete profiles that include: the average demographics for Hispanics in the community inclusive of affluence, home ownership, dominant family structure, occupation and more. It also informs of the language preferences, national origin/national culture and the concentration in their community. Expenditure profiles media preferences, and more detailed information can be easily accessed as well.

Why do we segment communities? Many segmentation approaches look at country of origin, acculturation, separately but the reality is that communities have many people of all kinds of origins so we developed a way to profile the Hispanic population of the US according to their characteristics and the communities where they live.

How can I buy Segmentos and how much does it cost? Complete the contact us form and we will help you right away.

Do you develop customized versions of Segmentos? Yes. At EurekaFacts we have expertise in developing custom models and in adapting the Segmentos structure for targeted applications. Call us and we will be glad to discuss.

Is Segmentos data available? A frequent use of Segmentos is to use it along with other data. We do make the underlying data available for statistical analysis as well as in GIS databases. Data services by which we can dynamically assign Segmentos profiles to your customer files is also available on demand.