PIMS (Process Information Monitoring System)

Monitoring campaign activities allows the program managers to assess the progress toward campaign goals, and implement any midcourse corrections if necessary.  The process data are also the key elements in assessing the campaign impacts. Yet, in today's world of integrated marketing approaches that rely on different dissemination channels and strategies, campaign managers must rely on different metrics for different platforms, often comparing apples to oranges. EurekaFacts PIMS (which stands for Process Information Monitoring System) is the culmination of our expertise in helping different clients to monitor implementation of their campaign activities.


  • Ability to track implementation of different campaign strategies over time
  • Tools to monitor campaign implementation against campaign plans
  • Conversion of channel specific metrics into a standard reach measure that allows apples to apples comparisons between campaign strategies
  • Build in analytics that allow assessment of campaign strategies reach and short term impacts (e.g., awareness, web traffic or social media engagements)


  • User friendly interface to enter campaign activities and related metrics
  • Technical support for initial set up and continuous assistance
  • Flexible build in data visualization tools
  • Special cost arrangements when partnering with EurekaFacts