In today’s market, there is a growing need for quality customer and member insight for organizations with tight research budgets. Timely information on what is important to the customer and actionable predictive analytics can help enhance loyalty, steer services, and build relationships toward higher performance. MembershipMatters is an innovative and superior research service that allows companies to easily and quickly survey their members at an affordable price.

MembershipMatters gathers the data you need to gauge membership satisfaction, opinion, engagement, and other critical issues your organization needs to know. We then provide you with actionable reports and can also implement dynamic scoring of members and prospects for maximum value.

Key Components

  • Focus on the areas where you can enhance value and build greater engagement
  • Standardized surveying with flexibility for customization that have been pre-tested for comprehension, clarity, validity, and reliability
  • Easy survey process from start to finish even for busy firms
  • Affordability allows survey research that is affordable and yields high ROI
  • Continued actionability with continuous feedback and ability to incorporate predictive models into your engagement activities


  • Facilitates quick acquisition / retention strategies and pulse-readings of membership
  • Optimizes organizational productivity with the newest and fastest information-gathering survey method
  • Advances the process of gaining insights and updating information by automation
  • Designed for ease of use
  • Low cost makes research data accessible to organizations with small research budgets
  • Agile process makes it advantageous for larger organizations to generate component-level reports and implement continuous feeedback/dynamic scoring of member records using predictive analytics.


  • Rapid process
  • Breakout reports by local chapter or organizational region, and other groupings of interest
  • Flexibility to customize and align to your objectives
  • Single point of contact survey methodologist provides assistance with customization, data interpretation, and technical support throughout the entire process
  • Allows for even small samples to generate normative data an inform predictive models