Rapid in-person Qualitative Research

Traditional qualitative research methods of gathering information can be slow, difficult, and time-consuming. But the EurekaFacts ExpressQual product makes it easier to start and complete a research project on time and on budget.

ExpressQual provides expedited qualitative research, allowing quicker and high quality turnaround on market research studies. EurekaFacts employs its powerhouse, nationwide team of well-qualified professionals, seasoned moderators, social science scientists, expert recruiters, and analysts to complete these expedited projects.



  1. Prompt recruiting, analysis and reporting which provides swift data; for instance, customized projects can be completed in five cities, two groups per city, in only 10 days
  2. Budget-friendly and competitively priced compared to traditional qualitative studies, ExpressQual utilizes standardized procedures and the latest technology, allowing it to complete reports faster at a lower cost
  3. Optimally-sized groups ideal for in-depth probing
  4. Multilingual English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian capabilities allowing cross-cultural behavioral science insights
  5. In-house, custom recruitment for general population segments – EurekaFacts is also known for recruiting hard to reach audiences
  6. Expert analysis used to develop structured, high qualitative, substantive top-line reports with actionable insights
  7. Research on currently available markets: Washington, DC, Puerto Rico, Chicago, Cleveland, Miami, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, upstate New York, and expanding to new markets throughout Latin America