Current Studies

Do you have a child in 4th or 8th grade?

Now through October 2022! EurekaFacts is administering a study for the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), a part of the U.S. Department of Education. 

We are looking for students in grades 4 and 8, to help evaluate new test questions. 

Participation can be in person or virtual. Each student will receive monetary incentives as a thank-you for participation, plus a parent/guardian will also receive incentives if bringing the student to and from the study location or for helping facilitate if the student’s participation is virtual. 

The research session will last from 60 to 90 minutes and may be scheduled at your convenience after school or on weekends. 


Do you ride the Metrobus or Metrorail in Washington, DC?

We are conducting a study on behalf of Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), to gather feedback from Metrobus and Metrorail riders about trip planning applications. The interview will be conducted in-person and can be scheduled at a date and time that is convenient to you.

  • Each session will be no longer than 90 minutes.
  • This study requires participants to download two trip planning applications on their smart mobile device. No purchases will be needed, and the applications may be deleted after the interview.
  • After the interview, participants will receive a $100 e-gift card as a thank you for your time and effort.

 To find out if you’re eligible, click here!

Looking for Uninsured Maryland Residents!

Now!! EurekaFacts is looking for Maryland uninsured residents to participate in either a virtual or in-person, confidential 60-minute interview session to learn about their experience with being uninsured. Eligible participants will receive $75 and interviews will last 45-60 minutes. Their input will be used to better inform uninsured Maryland residents about healthcare options. To find out if you’re eligible, click here!

Estudio Pagado Para Padres Que Hablan Español

EurekaFacts está llevando a cabo un importante estudio en nombre de los Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades (CDC), División de Desarrollo Humano y Discapacidades (DHDD). EurekaFacts está llevando a cabo un importante estudio en nombre de los Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades (CDC), División de Desarrollo Humano y Discapacidades (DHDD).

Estamos trabajando para ayudar a los CDC a asegurar que sus páginas en español en su sitio web sean accesibles, estén redactadas claramente y sean útiles para los padres. En esta entrevista, le pediremos que nos diga qué piensa sobre la encuesta que será lanzada a nivel nacional para padres, tutores o cuidadores de habla hispana de niños hasta 18 años de edad. ¡Inscribe Aquí!

Call to Parents and Caregivers of School-Aged Children!

We have a variety of exciting studies for both you and your child to share crucial opinions in the field of education. Your child can participate in research studies with us and earn real cash as a reward for their time and effort.

Want to teach your child the importance of research? Do you want to give your child and opportunity to earn real money for their time? You and your child can be a part shaping the future of our education system and earn rewards while doing it!

Interested in these opportunities for you and your child? Click here!

Call to Educators!

At EurekaFacts we deeply value the voices of educators. Whether you’re an administrator, teacher, school counselor, employee of your department of education, or any other position in the field of education, we want to know your perspective on a variety of topics.

You can have the opportunity to shape our education system by sharing your opinions with us. And we want your voice to be part of this essential knowledge-sharing quest. Your opinions are crucial, and you can have the opportunity to earn real money for your time and effort.

Are you an educator who’s interested in sharing your important opinion? Click here!

Participate in Paid Research Opportunities

Join our panel to be notified of upcoming paid research studies. Participate in our focus groups, studies, surveys, and earn extra cash. You can have the opportunity to participate in virtual, telephone, and in person research. Sign up today!

¡Participe en Nuestros Estudios Remunerados!

Únase a nuestro panel y participe en nuestros diversos estudios de investigación remunerados. ¡Participe en nuestros grupos de enfoque, encuestas y gane dinero extra! Puede tener la oportunidad de participar en investigaciones virtuales, telefónicas y en persona. ¡Inscríbase ya!

Encuesta en español para padres y madres de familia. ¡Inscríbase aqui!

Are you an organization and would like to partner with us?

If you are an organization that serves communities, we want to talk to you about partnering opportunities. Please contact our Outreach Department-CBOs.

Your privacy is important to us.

We never sell or share any of the personal information we collect. All of the data we collect on participants is secured in our database with extra security measures embedded for extra protection. Security is crucial in the field of research, and we take all the possible steps to ensure your information stays private. For more information, please see our privacy policy.

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