EurekaFacts to Support Implementation of First Smart City in Maryland

Seat Pleasant City Mayor Eugene Grant has commissioned EurekaFacts to conduct a study to guide the work of converting the municipality into the first Smart City in the state of Maryland and inform how it can best enhance the lives of its citizens. This is a historical step for the city, the state and for small municipalities in general.

Three critical dimensions define the Smart City: Technologypeople, and institutions.  Building the physical and informationtechnology infrastructure, digital networks and mobile/virtual technology is important for a Smart City to better serve the informational needs of individuals within the community. People are required to participate in a growing economy that requires IT solutions to environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, and occupational needs. Institutional factors include establishing an administration that’s supportive of the growing and innovative advancements in technology.

EurekaFacts is conducting an ethnographic assessment and research of Seat Pleasant in order to inform and assess the citizens’ needs and preferences in regard to the initiative. The study is directed by EurekaFacts’ Senior Analyst, Dr. Malinda Rhone, and EurekaFacts’ Director of Public Affairs Research, Dr. Alec Ulasevich. The signing ceremony took place on June 15, 2016 in the council chambers of Seat Pleasant, Maryland and was attended by EurekaFacts CEO, Jorge Restrepo.

EurekaFacts is a full-service research firm established in 2003 with the mission of empowering the organizations that work towards a better, safer world. Its strategy is to equip decision makers with easy-to-use research, analysis and expertise that will contribute to fact-based, transparent, accountable, effective programs and efforts.