Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) Lunch Seminar

QRCA DC Metro Chapter February Meeting

Tips, Tools, and Best Practices for Conducting Qualitative Research with the U.S. Hispanic Market

Maritza Matheus, Alison Wurzel, Aaron Maitland

Friday, February 27th, Lunch Seminar

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Conducting qualitative research among the 57 million diverse Hispanics living in the U.S. is both a science and an art form. Planning and designing studies tailored to Hispanics' norms and behaviors is the science. Be it for one-on-one interviews, online or traditional focus groups, it requires devising appropriate recruiting, study methodologies, and data collection strategies. Skillfully weaving through universal cultural conventions, traditions, and values specific to 22 countries is a skilled and practiced art form.

Join our panel of experts to learn best practices, tips, and tools to delve deep among Hispanic respondents. Help your clients tap into Hispanics' $1.3 trillion purchasing power!

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Date: Friday, February 27th
Time: 11am - 1:30pm
Cost: Members $25, Non-Members $35, includes refreshments & lunch

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About our distinguished speakers:

Maritza Matheus - EurekaFacts Marketing Research Director

Prior to joining EurekaFacts as the marketing research director, Maritza Matheus was an independent qualitative researcher for 15 years. Ms. Matheus has over 20 years in the field as a professionally trained qualitative market researcher and a bicultural Spanish language native speaker. She has extensive experience in focus group moderation, in-depth interviews, cognitive interviews, usability testing, online focus groups in Spanish and English, analysis and data reporting, and an exceptional ability to connect with respondents. Current and previous clients span the commercial, non-profit, and government sectors. In her role as marketing research director, Ms. Matheus leads research-based marketing strategy efforts, manages projects, moderates usability testing and focus groups in both English and Spanish, and directs marketing plan development. She and her team recently completed 60 cognitive interviews with monolingual Hispanics throughout the U.S. as part of the second of three rounds of testing for the U.S. Census' American Community Survey. Some of the primary responsibilities involved study design, recruitment oversight, completion of interviews, and interview summaries.

Alison Wurzel - EurekaFacts Project Manager

During her eight years at EurekaFacts, Alison Wurzel has led and coordinated multiple data collection and recruitment efforts, in both English and Spanish, including telephone surveys for federal government and regional agencies. Ms. Wurzel was the project lead for the Social Security Administration on the telephone survey outreach effort, with the goal of increasing the response rates for a multiple wave postal and online survey of Social Security beneficiaries in both English and Spanish. Additionally, she has also coordinated data collection for United Concordia's survey of the State of Maryland Employee dental benefits. Ms. Wurzel has performed qualitative data analysis for the U.S. Census' American Community Survey, which included cognitive interviews with monolingual Hispanics across the U.S. Additionally, she has led participant recruitment efforts that included the recruitment of WIC and SNAP beneficiaries, in order to test questions on the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) (in English and Spanish), as well as participants for the National Cancer Institute's Food and Eating Assessment Study (FEAST).Finally, she has led the participant recruitment efforts for focus group and usability testing for the U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA). Ms. Wurzel holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Loyola University in Maryland.

Aaron Maitland, Ph.D. - Westat Senior Survey Methodologist

With more than 10 years of survey research experience, Aaron Maitland has expertise in question design and evaluation. Dr. Maitland is coeditor of the book Question Evaluation Methods, which focuses on methods that can be used to evaluate and minimize measurement error. Before joining the Westat staff, he was a statistician in the Questionnaire Design Research Laboratory at NCHS, where he managed the Q-Bank database of question evaluation, created reports, and worked on numerous question evaluation projects involving qualitative and quantitative approaches. Dr. Maitland earned his Ph.D. from the Joint Program in Survey Methodology at the University of Maryland. His dissertation work compared different methods of evaluating survey questions.