My SSA Usability Study

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


About the study 

The My SSA Usability Study is sponsored by Social Security Administration. EurekaFacts LLC, an independent social research firm, is conducting the testing sessions on behalf of the SSA. 

What is the purpose of the study? 

The SSA is exploring ways to enhance and expand the my Social Security online product to create a single avenue for customers to review and manage their applications, earnings, and benefits in a streamlined manner. To accomplish this goal, the SSA is conducting a study involving usability testing and interviews to obtain customer opinions about a new capability, “Benefits Experience,” within the my Social Security Investment product. 

How long will the testing session last? 

The session will take no more than 60 minutes and you will be required to arrive 15 minutes before your testing session to sign in. 

What are the possible risks? 

There are no risks associated with participating in this study beyond what is encountered in everyday life.    

How did you get my contact information? 

You and others like yourself have been selected as residents of the United States who have expressed interest in participating in a research study.  

Will my information be kept confidential? 

Yes. The information you provide will be used only for research purposes. You will be assigned a research ID number and your responses will not be linked to your name. This way, the information you provide will be anonymous.   

What are the incentives for participating? 

If you are eligible to participate in the interview session, you will receive a monetary gift card for your time and effort.  

What is the duration of this study? 

We will be conducting the interview sessions between July and August 2019.   

Where will the interview sessions take place? 

The interview sessions will occur at a testing facility in the following cities: Los Angeles, CA; Atlanta, GA; Houston, TX; and Chicago, IL. 

Whom can I contact with additional questions? 

If you have any questions about this study, please contact us at