Thank you for your interest in participating in this study.

EurekaFacts is carrying out an important study on behalf of Montgomery County.  

Montgomery County’s goal is to provide useful information to their residents through modernized and relevant media platforms. To do this, we need to hear from you about how you read, watch, find, engage with, and experience Montgomery County communications, along with your content and platform preferences for receiving local news and information. 

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. By completing the survey, you will be providing valuable feedback that will benefit you and your community. 

All responses are confidential, and any information reported will be in combination with other responses.  

By clicking on the “Start Survey” button you are confirming that you are 18 years of age or older and that you register your consent to participate in this research study. Within the survey, please select the desired language to take the survey and then enter your personalized code when prompted. 

Frequently Asked Questions 



Who is EurekaFacts? 

EurekaFacts is a full-service research and analysis firm that provides insights to support targeted communications, program evaluations, strategic decisions, and data-driven tactics. We were selected by Montgomery County to conduct this study among Montgomery County residents.



What is the purpose of the study? 


Montgomery County is aware of the diverse methods its residents use to seek out and learn information about their services, news, events, updates, and other information. Completing this survey will help Montgomery County integrate new platforms of communication across the County and ensure relevant and accurate content is easily available. The County wants to know how you prefer to get your information and what type of information you want from the County so that they can better serve you. You speak for thousands of people like you when you provide your experiences and opinions in this survey. 


How was I selected for this study?  


Your household was selected at random from a list of households across Montgomery County that represent different areas of the County. Completing the survey provides representation for others like you.  

Can I recommend another household to complete the survey for me?  

No. Your household was specifically chosen among a list of households. Your responses are unique and cannot be replaced.  

Will my information be kept confidential?  

All responses are kept completely confidential. At no time will any identifiable information be linked to any of your answers. All information collected through our research process is grouped and reported anonymously. Montgomery County will not have access to your individual responses.  

Can I only complete the survey online?  

Yes, this is an online-only study. If you or someone you know who was invited to participate does not have a computer or phone with internet access, please call 311. County representatives will direct you to a local library where you can complete the survey on their computer. 

Is the Community Communications Survey the same as the County’s Biennial Resident Survey?  

No, the Community Communications Survey is a different survey designed to get more detailed information about how you get information about the County and your communications preferences.  The Biennial Residential Survey asks more general information about your quality of life in Montgomery County.  If you receive both surveys, please complete both, and thank you! 

Whom can I contact with additional questions?  

For operational or technical questions, please email EurekaFacts at