The Horizon Foundation Equity Message Testing Study 

Welcome to the Horizon Foundation Equity Message Testing Study


What is this study about? 

On behalf of the Horizon Foundation, EurekaFacts, a local research firm, is administering focus groups with residents of Howard County. Participants will be asked to discuss their perceptions of equity in their neighborhoods and provide feedback on the messaging the Horizon Foundation should be using to encourage community members to become involved in their work. This information will be used to improve the Horizon Foundation’s communication with people who live and work in Howard County.

Where will the focus group session take place? 
The focus group will be held entirely online. The online location will be provided after you are confirmed for participation. 

What will happen during the focus group? 
During the focus group, participants will discuss their impressions of equity in Howard County and respond to questioning from a EurekaFacts moderator who will be present to guide the topics of discussion. Each session will be audio and video recorded. 

Will information be kept private? 
Each participant will be assigned a unique identifier (ID), and their name will not be linked to their answers. All of the information provided by participants may be used only for statistical purposes and may not be disclosed, or used, in identifiable form for any other purpose except as required by law (20 U.S.C. §9573 and 6 U.S.C. §151). Audio and any video from the session will be recorded only for analysis. 

How long will the focus group last?
The focus group will be completed in one session to last no more than 90 minutes.

Is there an incentive for participating? 

Yes. Participants who participate in person will receive a $100 e-gift card from a major credit card company via email. Expect your e-gift card within 5-10 business days of the completion of the remote focus group.

What are the possible risks of being in the study? 

There are no known risks to participating in this voluntary study. 

Who can I contact with questions or for further information? 

If you have any questions about the study, you can call Jose Duarte at 240-403-4800 x311 or e-mail research If you have questions about your rights as a study participant, you can review the EurekaFacts Privacy Policy for details on our policies and procedures. 

Can participation end early? 

Participation in this study is completely voluntary. The participant has the right to refuse to answer particular questions. The participant may elect to withdraw from this study at any time and can leave the focus group early if they wish.