Career and Technical Education Advising Tools Study

Parent/Guardian FAQ


MDRC and EurekaFacts, experienced social science research firms, are reaching out to parents or legal guardians of 9th grade students at participating schools for students to participate in an important education study in your child’s school. The study is conducted on behalf of the Institute for Education Sciences (IES), part of the U.S. Department of Education.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 1. What does it mean for my child to be part of the research study?

If your child is a part of the research study, they will take a short 15-minute electronic survey and our district will share their student records with the research team. The insights from this study’s data will help our district and other districts across the country improve advising for students about CTE choices and careers. MDRC is asking for permission for your child to be part of the research study. If you say yes, MDRC will administer an electronic survey his school year. Our district will also share your child’s records securely with MDRC.

2. What will it look like for my child to take the survey?

The survey will take no more than 15-minutes of your child’s time. The short survey will ask your child questions about the ways they are supported in making CTE and career decisions. Your child’s consent will be collected at the start of the survey. The survey will determine how effective career advising is in your child’s school. Your child will not have to answer any questions that they do not want to answer. Students will take the survey during school hours, but it will not interfere with instructional time. The survey does not have any impact on your child’s grades.

3. Will the research team have access to my child’s grades?

The research team will only have access to your child’s school records if you give them permission to participate in the study. Participation in the data collection for the study is totally voluntary, so MDRC will only access your child’s school records, and give them a survey, if you give them permission to participate in the study. We really hope that many parents will choose to allow MDRC to have access to their child’s school records – this is how we will have a strong study that can help our school (and educators across the country) learn whether CTE advising tools can support students CTE choices and career decisions. MDRC researchers will follow the confidentiality and data protection requirements of the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and they will use strict data security practices to protect the privacy of any information gathered through the study. The results of this study will be available to the public by the end of 2025 on the MDRC website. When they report conclusions from the research, they will never use your child’s name or otherwise identify them.

4. Can my child access the technology tools, even if I don’t agree to have them be part of the research study?


5. If I have another question about the research, who can I contact?

CTE Advise Principal Investigator: Dr. Rachel Rosen— | (800) 221-3165, ext. 8840