José Duarte

Field Services Manager


Jose Duarte is a Recruitment Manager responsible for managing recruitment projects, communicating with clients, monitoring project progress, and developing project recruitment strategies, as well as coordinating data collection. He ensures recruitment and data collection objectives and needs are met within the timeline and that the best methods of recruitment are utilized. Mr. Duarte is specialized in organizing and analyzing incoming data with Salesforce as well as data management in Salesforce and Verint. He also has experience in training and supervising call center agents and maintaining the Five9 call system.

Mr. Duarte has managed the recruitment efforts of multiple and concurrent projects for the ETS SQ – Family Structure project, an online usability study for Pearson and the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, a continuing and technical education program evaluation project for MDRC, the GAO, and the SSA. He also managed the recruitment of school principals for the Survey of School Crime and Safety, recruitment for cognitive and pilot survey testing in grades 5-10 for IES grant (MDRC), as well as conducted data collection coordination for in-home studies across the country for CPSC. Bilingual in English and Spanish, Mr. Duarte plays an important role in communicating among the Research Team and clients with diverse backgrounds.

José holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the American University of Nicaragua, a graduate business certificate in Management and Leadership from Keiser University, and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration From Keiser University.