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Understanding human interactions through live, targeted analysis of social media

EurekaFacts InterSight is an AI-leveraged tool that collects and analyzes live social media data from different channels including by influencer, topic, timing, and/or location.

InterSight captures data from a wide range of sources and  presents analysis and visualization aimed at non-technical users/viewers.

InterSight is analyst-configured to refine data preparation, treatment, and analysis, and social scientist-managed to ensure high relevance and understanding.


Social Discourse Understood

  • Understand and monitor social interactions on topics
  • Develop audience profiles and characterize by content/attitudes (or vice versa)
  • Target via defined geography, topic, user groups, timing
  • Audience profiles allow for ‘static’ segmentation on social media accounts to supplement and inform live ongoing media discourse
  • English/Spanish bilingual!
  • Design and deploy targeted campaigns