As in most other fields, efficiently delivering high-quality service requires sound infrastructure, managed processes and expertise. From day one, at EurekaFacts we have built our infrastructure to deliver consistently superior research. This has resulted in company-wide implementation of proven processes, development of our own infrastructure, use of proven tools and systems, and staffing our teams with highly qualified individuals. Among the differentiating infrastructure we offer:

  •  A focus group facility with multiple configurable rooms and all digital equipment setup
  •  A cognitive lab with multiple rooms and specialized software and equipment
  •  High resolution AV system with video streaming, tagging, and editing capabilities for remote fielding and viewing of data collection
  •  A CATI call center with large multilingual study capacity
  •  A recruitment center specialized in recruiting, scheduling and fielding
  •  Advanced analytics workbench for text-based, statistical, geo-spacial and unstructured data analysis
  •  A team of in-person/intercept interviewers that is experienced at managing large intercept and on-board surveys
  •  A trained network of senior interviewers, moderators and recruitment coordinators located in key markets across the United States, Puerto Rico and many countries of Latin America
  •  Established Institutional Review Board (IRB) with multilingual capacity. This IRB is registered with the Office of Human Protection under IORG 0008023, IRB 00009628
  •  Systems and a physical facility configured to maintain protection of personal, sensitive information and trade secrets. FISMA/FEDRAMP/ATO Secure environment – audited.Also compliant for HIPAA security.
  •  DCAA-compliant costing and time-keeping system which enables proper tracking and allocation of costs to each project